Caspian Sea Monster – Global Game Jam 2021

Caspian Sea Monster

Global Game Jam 2021

This is the eighth Global Game Jam in which I participate. although the game is only the sixth, because for two years I helped in the organization instead of creating games. Over time, Game Jams are approached more and more casually, but at the same time they pose greater challenges. This time the slack was really big, because because of pandemics I didn’t even have to leave my room to take part in this event. However, this did not affect the intensity of work on graphics. I try to make every next game jam not only fun, but also an opportunity to develop my skills. That’s why in this one I focused on making the graphics really interesting and memorable. So this year I decided to transfer my passion for abandoned places and forgotten machines to Illustrator canvas. In this way, a vector version of the Ekranoplan called the Caspian Sea Monster was created. While it doesn’t play the main role in our game, it is the most eye-catching object.

Game is available herej: